1Timer Help

If you have any questions, you may ask them in on our Subreddit or Google Groups.

  • Quick Timer tab offers a quick way to start a timer with just a few taps. You may customize timer schedule, style, contents etc. in the settings.

    • Shortcuts: shortcut buttons to start a timer with a single tap. The timer will start after a 2 second delay, but the delay can be turned off in quick timer settings.

    • Keypad: enter the time and start the timer manually with a few taps.

  • Advanced Timers tab offers great customizability by allowing separate settings for each timer. You can also name the timers, set emojis etc.

    • Timers by duration: the timers have preset duration.

    • Timers by target ending time: the timers have preset ending clock time. Their duration is dynamic based on the difference between the current time and the target ending time.

  • Timer Chains tab offers a way to chain multiple advanced timers together and have them run one after another. Each timer is still individually customizable.